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Smoking Clip Store Exclusives - Produced by Smoking Sweeties

  • Click Here to see the Maria Takes A Shower clip!

    EXCLUSIVE: MARIA SMOKES IN THE SHOWER! Maria is one of the hottest and heaviest chain-smokers ever filmed by Smoking Sweeties, and in this scene, she shows us how she takes a shower – by chain smoking the entire time. Maria lights up, then takes off her clothes and lathers up – she washes, shaves and rinses off while smoking three Reds non-stop, hands-free. That’s right, she dangles and smokes the whole time she’s in the shower, since she simply can’t be away from her cigarettes. The only time she stops is when she realizes she left her lighter in the other room, and runs off, naked, to get it. Finally, Maria puts her clothes back on and admires herself in the mirror – while still smoking hands-free, of course. Her drags are huge and her exhales are dangling ones. But don’t expect to see beautifully-lit, luxurious exhales in this scene – she’s chaining in a poorly-lit shower! Expect to see the cherry of her cigarette glowing brightly, over and over, as she drags – and some dangling exhales with her ash growing longer and longer. The beauty of this clip is seeing a woman so heavily into her cigarettes, she has to – and wants to – take them everywhere. One highlight is Maria hotboxing the last part of her second cigarette, as she smiles and rinses off the soap. You won’t see a scene like this anywhere else – and it’s all real! This video is also available for streaming at Smoking Flicks –

  • Click Here to see the All Three Love To Smoke clip!

    EXCLUSIVE: ALL THREE LOVE TO SMOKE! Three of Smoking Sweeties hottest models, Agnieszka (the blonde teen), Denise (the Asian french inhaler) and Esmeralda (the brunette hottie), are back for another session of heavy smoking and interviews. The trio smokes Virginia Slims 120s as they inhale deeply and send thick exhales right-at-you and at each other; Denise’s slow french inhales continue to astound as well. All three talk about their smoking histories, and what they love most about smoking, in both halves of the shoot. The first half is a bit more casual, and there are some terrific closeups with the girls looking right into your eyes sexily as they smoke; at one point, the girls show off their filters to compare how dark they are. In the second half, after smoking interviews they’re asked to show off their smoking tricks, and in addition to Denise’s masterful french inhales and snap inhales, we also see smaller snap inhales from Agnieszka and Esmerelda, and great smoke rings from all three. There’s dialogue in about two-thirds of this video, and whether they’re talking or not, you can watch these three girls take huge inhales and watch their exhales – and tell how much they love smoking. This video is a high-res download. It is also available for streaming in your browser, at Smoking Flicks:

  • Click Here to see the Heavy Smoking Stefi – FROM SMOKING SWEETIES! clip!

    EXCLUSIVE: HEAVY SMOKING STEFI! Stefi, a busty barmaid who smokes well over two packs a day, was a huge hit when she did her first video for Smoking Sweeties. In this new and exclusive 18-minute video, Stefi has turned 21, and returns with shorter hair, two more piercings and tattoos – but the same amazing power smoking style. We watch as she absolutely devours five corks – two in a black bra, then three in low-cut and sexy dresses; there are also lots of luscious closeups as well. Her self-confidence and love of smoke shine through in all of the scenes as she maintains eye contact with you. Her slight smile says that she knows you’re watching, and that she enjoys having an audience appreciate her complete enjoyment. Stefi’s inhales regularly last between five and seven seconds with the cherry glowing a bright orange; she often takes double or even triple inhales before she holds the smoke, letting it soak deep into her lungs before finally exhaling through her mouth or nose. As has been her habit for years, there is also quite a bit of hands-free smoking as well. The audio is first rate, allowing you to hear all of the exquisite sounds of Stefi’s inhales and exhales. This video is a high-res download. It is also available for streaming in your browser, at Smoking Flicks:

In Real Life 2.0 - All New and Exclusive

  • Click Here to see the Chloe 6 – IRL 2.0 clip!
    Beautiful blonde and devoted smoker Chloe returns to chain smoke in the makeup room with her rapid smoking style, showing off deep drags, perfect french inhales, snap inhales, and mouth and nose exhales as she goes through two Marlboro Lights Menthol 100s (smoking the first one in about three minutes).
  • Click Here to see the Misty 1 – IRL 2.0 clip!
    Sophisticated Misty is in short dress, and shows great classic style as she enjoys a Marlboro Light 100, with very deep inhales, natural snap/french inhales, and leisurely, thick cone exhales throughout.
  • Click Here to see the Tori A. 2 – IRL 2.0 clip!
    Attractive, devoted smoker Tori chainsmokes Newport 100s, as she takes huge drags, and shows nice snap inhales followed by thick cone exhales.


  • Click Here to see the Victoria 4 clip!
    Victoria is smoking an all-white in a short holder, wearing a low cut, elegant dress. She shows nice open-mouth inhales, thick exhales, and at a great nose exhale. There are nice smoking sounds too.
  • Click Here to see the Sophie 9 clip!
    Sophie, is au naturel in this clip, with conservative make-up and hair. She’s smoking a “wood-tipped” (non-filtered) cigar. We see very thick smoke from her long drags, inhaling every bit of the smoke, even more impressively, mostly with french inhales.
  • Click Here to see the Harmony 14 clip!
    Harmony cultivates her trashy look with a dark-roots blonde wig and a revealing halter top, smoking her cork mostly hands-free. The dangles are well done, with multiple drags and exhales as she reads a magazine. There are also a few regular drags as well, with great open-mouth inhales.

In Real Life Hall of Fame

  • Click Here to see the Gayle 2 clip!
    Heavy smoking bookworm Gayle is back, reading and smoking as always. This time she drags deeply on her Marlboro 100 as she reads, showing small snap inhales and fluffy mouth and mouth/nose exhales filmed in closeup.
  • Click Here to see the Bobbi and Britney 1 clip!
    A casual duo shoot with Bobbi and Britney smoking Marlboro Light 100s and sharing “starting smoking” stories is shown from several angles, with each girl taking deep drags followed by big cone exhales.
  • Click Here to see the Danielle, Caitlin and Amelia 1 clip!
    The smoking trio of Danielle, Caitlin and Amelia sit on the couch and chat about smoking showing deep inhales and thick mouth exhales throughout; Danielle and Amelia have Marlboro 100s and Caitlin smokes a Marlboro Light 100. There’s also a segment showing Danielle’s smoking in closeup.

IRL Exposed Hall of Fame

  • Click Here to see the Olga Hardcore 1 clip!
    Sexy brunette Olga, in a see-through top, enjoys an all-white with deep drags and gorgeous mouth/nose exhales, as she runs her hands over her body and gets herself worked up.
  • Click Here to see the Sindy 4 clip!
    Beautiful blonde Sindy has her orange lingerie pulled aside for easy access to her tits and pussy, as she smokes all-whites with deep inhales, and mouth and nose exhales, and touches herself all over. Most of the camera time is focused on her smoking.
  • Click Here to see the Andy San Dimas 5 clip!
    Naked alt-porn star Andy San Dimas smokes an all-white in big closeup, with open-mouth inhales and mouth exhales. As she enjoys her cigarette, she teases the viewer/cameraman with her dialogue and reaches under his pants to feel what she’s made happen.

Coherent Light Hall of Fame

  • Click Here to see the Jennifer and Erika 2 clip!

    In this sexy dark side clip, Erika and Jennifer are domme/sub; there are lots of directed smoke exchanges and smoky kisses, double drags and mouth/nose exhales along with topless smoking and light lesbian action.

  • Click Here to see the Kris and April 2 clip!

    Teens Kris and April, in old-fashioned glamour dress, share a cigarette using the CoLight phallic holder and share smoky kisses in this short but very sexy archive clip. There are great french and snap inhales as well.

  • Click Here to see the Callie 6 clip!

    Callie smokes in leather skirt, with spiked leather bra, gloves and collar, as she teases you with dialogue about her smoking, and the date she’s like to have with you. She shows big inhales, enormous snap inhales and thick cone exhales as the talk gets dirtier and the smoking gets hotter. There are exquisite closeups as well.

Smoke Signals Hall of Fame

  • Click Here to see the Rebecca B. 4 clip!

    Rebecca enjoys an all-white, showing slight open-mouth and snap inhales after her deep inhales, with mouth exhales either in profile or right-at-you.

  • Click Here to see the Alia 9 clip!

    Alia returns in blue bra and panties, to smoke an all-white teasingly with deep drags, thick mouth exhales, dangles and her patented smoke play.

  • Click Here to see the Kim B. 5 clip!

    In a casual shoot, cool Kim reads a magazine and enjoys a cork 100, with her usual perfect snap/french inhales, thick cone exhales and mouth/nose exhales.

Second Hand Smoke Hall of Fame

  • Click Here to see the Midnite Isis and Rubee Tuesday 12 clip!

    Midnite Isis and Rubee Tuesday finish their two-on-one smoky oral sex session, as Midnite brings her boyfriend to a messy finish while the pair bathes his cock in smoke. The climax is shown from several angles.

  • Click Here to see the Midnite Isis and Rubee Tuesday 10 clip!

    Midnite and Rubee continue to doubleteam Midnite’s boyfriend, with deep drags and huge exhales onto his cock – as the smoking oral sex session nears its conclusion. The smoking is shown from several angles.

  • Click Here to see the Midnite Isis and Rubee Tuesday 9 clip!

    Rubee continues her lessons, teaching Midnite Isis how to give her boyfriend smoky oral sex – and Midnite takes to it like a pro. The smoking is strong, and shown from several angles.


  • Click Here to see the Daphne 5 clip!

    Daphne returns with deep inhales, nice snap, french and open mouth inhales followed by mouth, nose only and combined exhales.

  • Click Here to see the Imani 58 clip!

    Imani returns, again smoking a Capri 120. She shows her usual standard, snap, and french inhales followed by combined, mixed, and nose only exhales with rings and recycled french inhales as well.

  • Click Here to see the Valerie 57 clip!

    Valerie returns again smoking a 120. Snap, standard, and French inhales are followed by combined, mixed, and nose only exhales with some rings added in.