Angelina Mylee Oral



EXCLUSIVE! Porn star Angelina Mylee stars in a smoking oral sex video, the likes of which has never been shot by anyone. Angelina starts in a tight red dress zipped down to let her play with her breasts and pulled up to show her pussy and ass, and chains two cigarettes playfully. She then settles in for a lengthy smoky oral sex session – but after one cigarette, her mother surprises her by walking in. Angelina is embarassed and also admits she stole her mom’s cigarettes for the session. To Angelina’s shock, her mother sits down, lights her own cigarette, and smokes and watches with interest and amusement (she gets closer, and lights her daughter’s cigarettes, but turns down an invitation to join in) as they each have several more cigarettes and Angelina continues the smoking BJ, with some deep throating, to a messy facial finish. And yes, this IS Angelina’s REAL-LIFE mother in the video. Angelina smokes well, although some of her inhales are lighter than usual during the scene; she shows mouth exhales, wafts and some french inhales; her mother shows nice straightforward style. There is natural sound and a little dialogue, with a short silent stretch at the start of the BJ. We think we can safely guarantee that you’ve never seen a video like this before. This video is also available at Smoking Flicks.

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