All Three Love To Smoke



EXCLUSIVE: ALL THREE LOVE TO SMOKE! Three of Smoking Sweeties hottest models, Agnieszka (the blonde teen), Denise (the Asian french inhaler) and Esmeralda (the brunette hottie), are back for another session of heavy smoking and interviews. The trio smokes Virginia Slims 120s as they inhale deeply and send thick exhales right-at-you and at each other; Denise’s slow french inhales continue to astound as well. All three talk about their smoking histories, and what they love most about smoking, in both halves of the shoot. The first half is a bit more casual, and there are some terrific closeups with the girls looking right into your eyes sexily as they smoke; at one point, the girls show off their filters to compare how dark they are. In the second half, after smoking interviews they’re asked to show off their smoking tricks, and in addition to Denise’s masterful french inhales and snap inhales, we also see smaller snap inhales from Agnieszka and Esmerelda, and great smoke rings from all three. There’s dialogue in about two-thirds of this video, and whether they’re talking or not, you can watch these three girls take huge inhales and watch their exhales – and tell how much they love smoking. This video is a high-res download. It is also available for streaming in your browser, at Smoking Flicks:

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