Heavy Smoking Stefi – FROM SMOKING SWEETIES!



EXCLUSIVE: HEAVY SMOKING STEFI! Stefi, a busty barmaid who smokes well over two packs a day, was a huge hit when she did her first video for Smoking Sweeties. In this new and exclusive 18-minute video, Stefi has turned 21, and returns with shorter hair, two more piercings and tattoos – but the same amazing power smoking style. We watch as she absolutely devours five corks – two in a black bra, then three in low-cut and sexy dresses; there are also lots of luscious closeups as well. Her self-confidence and love of smoke shine through in all of the scenes as she maintains eye contact with you. Her slight smile says that she knows you’re watching, and that she enjoys having an audience appreciate her complete enjoyment. Stefi’s inhales regularly last between five and seven seconds with the cherry glowing a bright orange; she often takes double or even triple inhales before she holds the smoke, letting it soak deep into her lungs before finally exhaling through her mouth or nose. As has been her habit for years, there is also quite a bit of hands-free smoking as well. The audio is first rate, allowing you to hear all of the exquisite sounds of Stefi’s inhales and exhales. This video is a high-res download. It is also available for streaming in your browser, at Smoking Flicks: smokingflicks.com.

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