Maria Takes A Shower



EXCLUSIVE: MARIA SMOKES IN THE SHOWER! Maria is one of the hottest and heaviest chain-smokers ever filmed by Smoking Sweeties, and in this scene, she shows us how she takes a shower – by chain smoking the entire time. Maria lights up, then takes off her clothes and lathers up – she washes, shaves and rinses off while smoking three Reds non-stop, hands-free. That’s right, she dangles and smokes the whole time she’s in the shower, since she simply can’t be away from her cigarettes. The only time she stops is when she realizes she left her lighter in the other room, and runs off, naked, to get it. Finally, Maria puts her clothes back on and admires herself in the mirror – while still smoking hands-free, of course. Her drags are huge and her exhales are dangling ones. But don’t expect to see beautifully-lit, luxurious exhales in this scene – she’s chaining in a poorly-lit shower! Expect to see the cherry of her cigarette glowing brightly, over and over, as she drags – and some dangling exhales with her ash growing longer and longer. The beauty of this clip is seeing a woman so heavily into her cigarettes, she has to – and wants to – take them everywhere. One highlight is Maria hotboxing the last part of her second cigarette, as she smiles and rinses off the soap. You won’t see a scene like this anywhere else – and it’s all real! This video is also available for streaming at Smoking Flicks –

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